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Take a look at my house designs. Some of them are pretty cool, I think. Then, if you feel like it, read some of my book, which I have posted (in part) on this site.

I need about 36 hours in each day. Hmmm ... what if I didn't sleep?

welcome to my home page

This is my home page. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

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31 December, 2009

Long time, and no updates. I fixed a couple CSS bugs that were showing up in Firefox, and some broken links (please note that Linux/UNIX is case-sensitive while Windows is not). I also linked in all the images of Post-Modern #2A that I'd never linked in.

This site really doesn't have much in the way of fiction writing, though I have kept the first book of My Soul Up There posted. Overall, the story isn't that well written. I don't plan to rewrite it, either. That train has sailed, as they say. I have updated that page with news that I've completed the first and second books of A Far Sun, which is well-written and a really good story.

If I were to describe A Far Sun in one or two paragraphs, I would say this:

What would you do if you woke up and suddenly found yourself transported over 100 years into the future? All your friends and family are dead and the world is destroyed--buildings, roads, all evidence of "civilization" in ruins. What if it looked like no people have survived, and you are the only ones?

Come join us as we follow Adam and Jane on their journeys in this strange and empty world. Will they find anyone still living? Will they discover what killed everyone? Will they gain the strength to overcome this new world's hardships and challenges, and create a better world for tomorrow?

Guided by Lina, a young woman of rather unusual skin color, Adam and Jane learn the wisdom and culture of her people, the sun-skins. Accompanied by Rėmi, the handsome son of an important sun-skin leader, the four of them travel to the Library, the last known repository of knowledge and technology in the world, and there they hope to find the cure to save all sun-skins.

But, all is not well at the Library.

The leader of the sun-skins pursues Adam and Jane, trying to take them prisoner to hold them for his master, the Head Librarian. He is a man that everyone hates and fears, but have been powerless to stop. But, forces are at work that not even the brutality of the Head Librarian can stop.

Will they succeed and save the world? Find out!


18 October, 2008

It's taken me awhile to update these pages, but I have re-hosted this website with a new provider. The old provider was having many difficulties keeping the site up and running, and were overall pretty bad responding to their customers' concerns. Yeah, maybe I wasn't paying very much for the hosting, but I still do want my site to be available. I also tend to dislike being ignored.

I have done no house designs since last summer. Perhaps some day I'll get back to that, but there is only so much time in the day. I haven't been idle in the meantime, though. Since then I've been writing a novel, and though I've made a lot of progress (I am up to 180,000 words--yes one hundred eighty thousand) it's still not done, and that's a very large source of frustration. It's a good story, and I'm very happy with what I've got so far, but in these final chapters it has become more and more difficult to make good, steady progress. I know I need to simply buckle down and gut this out and get done, so I can move on to other things.

Of course, I do have some other story ideas, including one science fiction story and another non-scifi story. Of course, I also have an idea for a second story based on the world I've made up, but that will have to wait until I've finished the second draft of the current story.

28 April, 2008

I am still working on my writing project "A Far Sun" though there is nothing posted online. I have also been doing some simple clean up work on the second book of "My Soul Up There" and posted the first 5 chapters on my writings page.

My pages at LiveJournal are no longer being updated, though I'm still undecided about taking them down. There's nothing there really worth keeping (that I don't already have recorded elsewhere). It was just one more blog I didn't have enough time to maintain. You know?

17 February, 2008

I've been busy working on my latest writing project, called "A Far Sun". In response to some folks who have asked to read it, I am posting the first draft of the story. With this update I have all of Act I posted (which is the first 6 chapters). I have even purchased a domain name for the web comic, appropriately named There isn't much on the website, yet, just a holding page.

I have also updated my Creative Commons license, and decided to permit sharing and derivative works in addition to what I had allowed before. Also, any derivative work must be licensed under the same (or similar) license. This would allow fan-fiction and fan-art of the web comic, at such time as it is published. It also works better for my images--fractals and house designs. Anyone can use them freely for non-commercial purposes, including making other images, as long as I am attributed. Ultimately, obscurity is much worse than piracy.

19 October, 2007

What's been going on, you wonder? Why has nothing been posted since July? I've been busy working on other things besides house designs. Specifically, I've started a new writing project. And I am really excited by this new project!

I went to the basement and dug out a folder with pages of stuff I'd written many, many moons ago. In that inch thick pile of papers I found 30 pages I'd written (probably in 1978 or 79) that was a story about a young man and woman who were put into suspended animation, and woke up 100 years later to find the world basically destroyed. Yes, it was a post-holocaust Adam and Eve story. I really liked the characters, though, and when I thought about it, I got an inspiration that it would make a really good web comic. A graphic novel.

I have decided to change the basic premise, somewhat (if you are interested in reading some of the notes I've made in the screenplay/webplay [?] development period, follow me to Live Journal, where I have begun blogging about it (and some other things)). But the basic characters and story are there. Yes, I am going to write this story out as a screenplay, and a very good artist (my step-daughter, who is currently in art school) will visualize it. It's going to be good.

We have a working title for this effort, too. It's called A Far Sun, which seems to fit it fairly well. And not only that, the domain name is available, too! Perhaps I should buy it before some yahoo snags it out from under me. But on the other hand, if someone really wants it that badly, they can have it.

15 July, 2007

Among other things, I changed the website background and devised a new logo for the header. I also revamped the CSS style sheet, changing some font sizes and colors. I hope you like it.

12 July, 2007

Some updates to the house designs pages, and the posting of Northwest #2, finally.

29 May, 2007

More progress on house designs, with two more completed (though truthfully only one is "really new").

I have also posted the remaining chapters to my book My Soul Up There. They've been PDFed for quite some time, just never posted until now.

1 April, 2007

Finished two more house designs, and did some other minor cleanup.

4 March, 2007

Where does the time go? Just the other day someone was asking me why I hadn't updated my website recently. Why? Just busy, I guess.

Meanwhile, I have finished a new house design, Northwest #1, and posted it to the Country Home Series page. Also check out changes to the Works In Progress page, too.

29 August, 2006

What's new? I am getting married this weekend. Of course, this means things have been ultra-hectic over the past few weeks with both of us getting everything ready.

And in case anyone was wondering, yes, we have both been married before, so this is not a "new" thing for either of us. We are having a very small, informal affair outdoors at a local park shelter. We have asked a good friend to officiate, and we are designing and writing our own ceremony. (Which reminds me I need to write my vows!) Afterward we plan to have grilled chicken, hamburgers, bratwurst, hotdogs, and some barbeque ribs (all catered, of course). With our closest friends and family in attendance, this should be a very nice picnic reception. After that we are both going away for a week (location undisclosed) to spend some time together. Alone.

Meanwhile, I have a few updates to the House Designs pages. Stop by and check out some of my latest efforts, and if you have time, take a look at some designs that are currently in progress, on the Works In Progress page.

Maybe when we get back I will post some pictures of the wedding and such. We have bought a bunch of one-use cameras so that our guests get to play wedding photographer. We'll see how this works!

1 April, 2006

Some of my fractal images have become quite popular as backgrounds for various blogs and personal websites. So much so that my bandwidth consumption has shot up over 4 GB per month! Who knew? Well, to accommodate my users and ratchet things down, I've decided to host all my fractal images to Flickr.

Starting right now, all those websites using my fractals will instead get a plain white background that informs them the image in question has been rehosted to Flicker, along with the URL to the image. I really don't mind it if you download my images and use them, but I do want to keep my bandwidth within reason. So, a bunch of people will be doing some maintenance on their websites, today.

No joke. Really!

You might also notice that I've added a Creative Commons license to this website. Feel free to use my words and images, but if you want to do anything outside the license (such as modify an image), you do need to contact me for permission. Non-commercial usage is free, of course. Commercial usage -- meaning you intend to make money off stuff I've done -- isn't free, but I am reasonable. Thanks.

27 November, 2005

After a long hiatus, I have finally posted some new content. I have some pretty good reasons for not posting, not least among them have been a critical illness in the family and a crushing project schedule at work. But, enough about that.

Here's what's new:

16 July, 2005

The latest news is the home design work I'm doing for a retired couple. They have asked me to help them visualize their house design, and since it's a real-life house (that will actually be built), I have asked (and they have agreed) to let me use it as a case study. I plan to show the design progression, and we will use HomeDesigner to do the modeling work. As of today the design is still very rough, but as soon as I have time I will post some images and some of the discussion we've been having.

About 2 weeks ago I added a set of pages containing photographs of houses. Included are photos of Roscoe Village, the White Oak Inn, Millersburg, OH, and a collection of photos from a local Columbus neighborhood containing many fine Craftsman bungalows. They are finally getting posted today.

I also made several small corrections and some new content to the How To Design Houses pages. I'm not sure when I will get back to this example design, since I probably will spend a lot of time working on a real one.

26 June, 2005

Over this weekend I posted two new house designs, "Suburban Contemporary #13A", and "Tract House #1". I also posted a new page called "How Did You Do That?" that discusses some advanced techniques.

11 June, 2005

I reorganized the House Designs section, again. I categorized the designs into groups, placing all the "Suburban Contemporary" designs together, and now that I have posted another Sears Modern Home (No. 146), there is now a section for these wonderful, historic designs.

24 May, 2005

Well, I fixed some broken (er ... non-existent) image links in my latest completed house design, the Suburban Contemporary #7. I also added considerable content to the How To Design Houses section.

11 May, 2005

I added 4 new works in progress to the House Designs section. I have also been updating the How To Design Houses section. There's no doubt, now. I definitely need more hours in the day.

26 April, 2005

I have finally finished making renderings of the Suburban Contemporary #7 design (which was included in the Works In Progress section). I have also reorganized the How To Design Houses section because the number of pages was starting to become large, as well as adding several pages. We are about ready to put in second floor interior walls. Can completion be far behind? (Actually, no. You have no idea!)

Check out the single image of the new Suburban Contemporary #13 design, shown in the Works In Progress section. This design is very new, but I'm excited by the promise it's showing.

18 April, 2005

I have updated the How to Design Houses section with some more content. It's not complete (not by far) but I think we're making some progress.

4 April, 2005

I'm putting up a new section under the House Designs section, called How to Design Houses, and I will place an initial page there (at a minimum). In this section we will take a recent design (this one) from start to finish, and do all the things and discuss the process. I have already mentioned this in my blog, here, but just in case you haven't seen it, I added mention to this page.

2 April, 2005

I added another finished house to the current designs. The new design is called "Tract House #2S", and though it's not very avant garde, I do like it. It's just like almost every other suburban domicile in the United States; something most of us could/would live in (because we could afford it).

28 March, 2005

I have finally updated the house designs section, and managed to post several new (and improved!) designs. Included is the "Classic Victorian" mentioned in the November headline, a Florida design, and the first 3 designs in the "Suburban Contemporary" series. I also decided to tease you all by posting images from a bunch of "works in progress" just to show that I'm not a one-trick pony. All the older designs have been moved to their own section. You can still see them if you like.

30 November, 2004

I've decided to post the reorganized House Designs section, in preparation for posting several new house designs. As a teaser, here's one new design that I particularly like. It's a "Classic Victorian" style of the kind you might see on the main street of any small town in Middle-America. I saw several like this when we recently took a Saturday afternoon drive through Ohio's Amish country. Millersburg, Ohio is particularly interesting, especially its 1880's vintage courthouse. Of course I have some pics of the trip, including a pic of one Queen Anne style that seems to have "one of everything" in terms of Victorian style quotes.

Classic Victorian #1, Exterior View 1

3 September, 2004

I added a page for a recent house design. If anyone is paying attention, I have used some interesting techniques to create things like ceiling beams.

26 August, 2004

I've managed to revamp all the pages, replacing the table layouts with straight CSS. In fact, the site looks a bit better, I think. I have also made the switch from Internet Exploder to Mozilla Firefox. Much better browser, without question.

23 August, 2004

Prepare to be Assimilated: The Blog

Yes, I have started a blog on this site. You can find it by clicking on "prepare to be assimilated in the navigation menu (just to the right of "home"), or you can click here. Once I learn about RSS feeds (other than how to spell it) I will get that working, as well. In the meantime, I will post such things as deserve posting.

And disregard the rest.

13 August, 2004

A tale of 2 OS's

Gee, where shall I begin? Well, first I upgraded my home computer from XP Home to XP Pro. Ahem, if you do this, I do not recommend that you pick the "Upgrade" option (despite the fact that good old Microsoft says that that's the recommended option). Eventually, I was able to get XP Pro working correctly by doing a "Repair Installation" with the latest XP Pro w/SP 2 disc (which I downloaded from MSDN, because I have a subscription). The rest of you ... good luck.

Then I installed FrontPage 2003 (from that same MSDN subscription). It's really a nice (and simple) web site design tool. I cruised over to PixelMill and bought a template (this one, don't you know). It's called "Grasshopper" (but I changed the background picture) and it's simple enough (and ... cool enough, dare I say) to serve my purposes. I also bought a couple other templates, but they would have taken a lot more work before I could have gotten them working.

OK, I promise this long-ass "how I got XP working and built this web site" story is coming to an end. Like, right now. Thus, armed with FrontPage, a template, and a goodly supply of Diet Coke, I built this here web site.

I hope you enjoy it.

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